What is Singulapp and how does it work?

Singulapp is a creator of mobile applications that allows you to create your app in a fast and simple way, without having to have programming knowledge. You just have to choose a design for your app and add your own content, checking the result in real time. When you have it ready, we take care of uploading it to Apple Store and Google Play.

Why does my business need to create an app?

It is possible that you have asked yourself this question some time. There are different reasons why it is convenient to have a mobile application for your business, we see them below:

  • The use of mobile devices has grown rapidly from its inception to today; Currently, more than half of the visits received by a web page are made from mobile devices. This implies that we must take this public into account, offering effective solutions and a quality design. The responsive webs adapt to the resolutions of the different devices, but, unlike the apps, they have not been developed specifically for mobiles. In an app we can choose the architecture of the information that most interests us for our users, so it is more friendly and close to them.
  • Loyalty: an app allows a much greater interaction with customers than a web, so it is a powerful communication tool and contributes to improving the relationship with them and their identification with the brand.
  • Improvement of the user experience: the contents are previously downloaded to the user's device, so the speed is much faster.
  • Promotion of products and services: creating an app can help you increase your sales and attract new customers.
  • How much does it cost to create an app?

    Order the development of a simple app can cost between € 700 and € 3,000 (if we talk about apps with databases, the cost can shoot up to € 30,000). But in Singulapp we have democratized the apps, to make them accessible to any SME. Here you can create your app and publish it in Apple Store and Google Play for € 7 / month.

    Which of Singulapp's plans is the most appropriate?

    In Singulapp we have a free option so you can create your app and try the tool for 20 days (we will only charge you when you want to publish it). Once this period has passed, you can contract the Premium Plan for € 7 / month. If the volume of applications you want to create is higher, then we recommend the Professional Plan, with which you can create up to 30 apps. You can also contract several plans or contact us to create a customized Plan for your needs.

    Can you create the app?

    Sure! If you prefer that we take care of everything, we can offer you our Apps Design service. You pass us the information and the images and we take care of the rest.

    As a company, can I offer the Singulapp tool to my clients?

    If you want your customers to enjoy our tool for creating mobile applications, you can hire the Professional Plan, which is indicated for those companies and professionals who want our solution to develop apps for their customers.

    How long does it take to develop my app?

    It will depend on the information you want to contain and the functionalities that integrate the mobile application. But remember that you do not need to know how to program, you will work with a very intuitive and friendly interface.

    I am a person without technical knowledge who wants to create an app. I will be able to do it?

    Definitely! In Singulapp we have a very intuitive interface, designed so that any user without programming knowledge can create their app. You have help and tutorials in the editor that will explain how to do it. Anyway, you have a free 20-day option so you can try the tool without compromise.

    Are you responsible for uploading the application to the app store or will I have to take care of it?

    Once you finish creating your app, we take care of uploading it to the Apple Store and Google Play.

    How can I follow the progress of my project?

    You can see in real time all the changes you are making, to check that everything is as you wish.

    What kind of apps can Singulapp create?

    Singulapp offers more than 70 native application features for your company's mobile application. We can also develop custom application projects. If you prefer, contact us today explaining your project and we can exchange ideas on the best approach.

    Can Singulapp ensure that my app will be in an app store?

    Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that any application will be approved by the application store. However, Singulapp has successfully created and implemented many applications for Google Play, iTunes and Windows Mobile application stores. We have a solid knowledge and an idea of what these stores will typically approve or disapprove of. We will let you know in advance if any particular aspect of your project presents a risk of approval. If your application is rejected for technical reasons, we will make all necessary corrections to obtain approval at no additional cost.