Why do you need an App?

Your Smartphone is the last thing you look at before bed, and the first thing when you wake up. Why not take advantage of this business opportunity?

Creating your own App will help you stay in touch directly with your customers. Tell them about the latest news from your catalog, the dish of the day or the match schedule for the weekend.

Why create an app

Create an app without knowing how to code

With Singulapp we have democratized the Apps to make them accessible to anyone and any kind of business. Our apps builder tool is flexible and with it you can create any type of mobile application, from an App for a sports club, a rock band, an online store or a restaurant. Anyone!

Just as if you were using a text editor, you could design your smartphone app with a professional design. Add sections, drag and organize them as needed. All changes will be saved to the cloud and will be immediately updated on any device where it has been downloaded.


  • Update live content
  • Graphic editor, forget about code
  • Multiplatform (Apple iOS, Android)
  • The most powerful app builder tool on the market

Manage your App

Add the pages you need for your App. You can duplicate the pages and add design templates. Configure every detail of your App.


At any time you can preview how your App is using the navigation you have been assigning.

Build and design

You can add the pages you want, you can duplicate them and order them. On each page you can add the elements you need. Move them, change them and edit them.

Generate your App

When you have finished click on generate and download. The platform generates an apk file that works perfectly on any Android phone.
Apps creator

When you have the application ready for your clients

The applications are distributed through the App Store and Google Play. Build your app with SingulApp and publish it from our system or send it to your contacts

We take care of publishing it in stores

Enjoy the benefits of in-store distribution: visibility thanks to SEO and feedback with user reviews and reviews.
Create App - Monitoring and analytics

Monitoring and analytics

With Singulapp you can track your applications. Knowing the downloads that occur in the store, and the interaction that users have with your App.

Create App - Icon

My new App

Discover the news of my new application. Do not miss it!


Push notifications

The applications are an essential tool to improve the commitment with the users. They give you the possibility of creating direct and personalized communication strategies with your users thanks to the sending of manual or programmed push notifications.